I haven’t been using this blog as much as I’d intended, but I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what I’ve learned this past year from my Human/Super project.

The main thing I learned is simply how hard it can be to stick to a deadline (even a self-imposed one). I finished the first story, “Special Delivery”, in November 2011, a full month before the first page went live in January 2012. I kept up the pace for the second story as well, but creative difficulties and rewrites on story #3 set me back by a couple weeks. The buffer continued to erode with each subsequent story, until finally I found myself posting pages as I wrote them (which makes going back and smoothing potential over plot holes a rather tricky proposition). It’s been incredibly frustrating and stressful, even though my readers still only number in the single digits.

I thought of concluding the series at the end of 2012 and moving on to other projects at a more leisurely pace, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had too many ideas. I had to go on. So I thought, “Okay, I’ll take a few months off and start the second year a bit late.” And then I thought, “Well, maybe just one month.” In the end, I took a week off. And now I’m still trying to finish January’s story twenty days into the month.

I think the reason I feel so compelled to keep going with this project is because it’s so hard. Keeping myself focused, keeping the creative juices flowing, and keeping up the pace takes a lot of effort, often involving a great deal of frustrated hair-pulling. But it’s something I have to get used to, because this is the life I’ve chosen. And I know it’s worth it.

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